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Phone: (972) 436-9700 | Email: Stacey

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Should I use a Travel Designer?

Online travel websites may seem like an easy option for booking travel but without personal travel designer, people who book trips online often end up frustrated, confused and/or dissatisfied. Travel Designers give expert guidance, added value, personalized services and will be your advocate.

I Have Never Used A Travel Designer Before, What Are the Benefits?

Great question! We have a wide selection of travel suppliers and preferred products and services.

  • Access to negotiated rates with extra perks with hotels around the world.

  • Saving you a lot of time and money by letting us do the research.

  • Giving you an unbiased and honest opinions.

  • Travel is our expertise with destination knowledge.

  • Relationships with suppliers to create the best experiences, added amenities and overall value.

  • Cruise/River Cruise benefits.

Who are our Clients?

We tend to attract like-minded clients who have a passion for travel, who trust and value what we prepare and who love to explore the world. Our clients come from all walks of life.

How much does it cost to Customize our trip?

First, it depends on the purpose of the trip. And how detailed it is. We have chosen to charge a planning fee because we dedicate a significant amount of time and resources for each trip no matter how small or complex it may be. In return, our clients receive the value of our time, knowledge, and expertise. We will be with you through the entire trip process from beginning to end. You will always have someone that you can reach out to for any questions or concerns.

We have included our planning fees below:

  • For simple bookings for example, hotel and/or car rental our fees range from $10 to $40

  • Airline tickets for domestic travel including Mexico, Caribbean, Central American and Canada ranges from $30 to $50 per person.

  • International airline tickets range from $50 to $75 per person.

  • Girls/Guys weekend trip that include more detailed concierge service we charge $40 per person.

  • For a more complex trip and especially for more exotic destinations for independent travelers & families, this is where we shine, we love to create a memorable experience to include hotels/resorts/ boutique hotels along with transportation and tours/activities that are private/semi-private or shared. We can help with dining/spa reservations, or a cooking class and/or wine tasting. The request is endless and we have planned every kind of trip imaginable. Our planning fee starts at $200.

  • All of the fees are non-refundable.

Are you able to get better rates than I can find online?

We focus on quality and value and work for you not the supplier. We work with several preferred suppliers and know where to find the deals.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, while most airlines require full payment at time of booking. Deposits and final payment due dates are determined by the preferred travel suppliers. We would address this with you when confirmation and can help set up a payment plan for your reservation.



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